Why promote Traffic Mansion websites?

Our dating sites are some of the best converting and most trafficked on the internet. Traffic Mansion's websites are both time and traffic tested to ensure they can convert your hard-earned visitors into paying members. When your referred visitors join one of our sites, you are paid 75% of the initial sales price and 50% of each re-bill for that member. When added up, the total income per sale often exceeds $100!

What is the difference between signup and sale in the Traffic Mansion?

Signup with Traffic Mansion is considered a user who clicked on your referral link to our website, then completes the free profile signup form and clicks submit. A sale is when that free profile user upgrades to a paid membership. A paid membership can be a trial, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, or lifetime membership if it is offered.

How and when are payouts sent? In general, how do I get paid in your dating affiliate program?

Payments for the income generated the 1-15 of the month are sent on the 8th of the following month. Payments for the income generated the 16-31 of the month are sent on the 23rd of the following month. Payments are sent once you hit the threshold for your selected payment method. For the wire transfer is it $1000, and for paxum it is $50.

I haven't found the answer to my question. How do I contact support?

You can contact support via the contact form found on Contact Us Page

Is any traffic type restricted?

Any kind of fraudulent traffic, spam, incent traffic. Push and native are allowed but not going to perform as well as email, members area, or organic.

What are the available payment models?

Revenue share - 75% of the initial sale and 50% of recurring sales PPL - depends on the source of traffic, base $3 PPS - minimum $50.

What are our strongest GEOs?

English-speaking countries: US CA AU NZ GB IE ZA. SE, IT, and DE also do well. We accept WW traffic.

Are any countries restricted?


Can I send the traffic via API? And here is why you should...

When sending traffic by our Live API you will have the advanced flow, when all the checks are being performed before you send us the user. If the user is eligible and we can accept him, you will send him to the link we provide. If the user is not eligible and API replies with an error, you can send the user any other way you want. This allows you to be flexible and never lose a user who can do you a conversion. Implementation of the API is pretty straight forward and our affiliate managers can guide you all the way.

Why are you asking me to pass email on click?

Passing users' emails in the EMAIL parameter will give you a much higher conversion rate, as in this way email is prefilled on the registration form, which makes the signup process easier for the user. The fewer actions user does, the simpler and smoother the registration process on the website the higher your EPC.

Can you fire the pixel?

Your affiliate manager can assist you to set up a pixel with needed variables. Depending on the payout model you can get pixels fired on conversion.

Where can I find my tracking links?

An affiliate manager will create an individual campaign for you and provide the tracking links.

I want to run direct offers not optimizer links, so why do you recommend running optimizer offer?

A direct optimizer link uses our pre-landers to capture the email of the user. One we have the email it enables us to use the advanced traffic distribution functionality to determine where you might get the most money for each click. In doing so, our fine-tuned algorithm is taking a number of criteria into consideration, and all with the purpose of maximizing on your EPC.

What makes you different than other dating affiliate programs? Why would I send traffic to you?

Our conversion rates are unparalleled, thanks to unique and sophisticated optimizer functionality. We do maximize your EPC. We have paid to our affiliates more than 1/4 Billion in commissions over the years. We know how to convert your traffic and we are dedicated to your success.

What happens with the traffic you do not accept?

On the Revenue share or PPS model, we can send unaccepted traffic back, but we don't offer this kind of deal on the PPL model. We pay per each lead and keep all the leads in this case. Please notify your affiliate manager if you want to get unaccepted traffic back. What we do offer as an option is to manage all your traffic on the rev-share model (in case you are on PPS or revshare in Traffic Mansion).

How much can I make as an affiliate in your dating affiliate program?

It directly depends on the traffic quality and traffic volume you will be sending. With email traffic, you can expect an average EPC of $0.5 (may differ based on the quality of your traffic!), so sending 1000 clicks daily you will be earning $15K monthly in revenue. There is no limitation of the maximum amount you can potentially earn with our dating affiliate program.

Do I need to sign a contract?

A contract is not necessary to get started sending traffic as an affiliate. However, if you require an IO before sending traffic, we have it ready for you.

I’m totally new to this affiliate marketing thing. Where do I start?

The best way to start is by reading affiliate marketing blogs (link to https://blog.trafficmansion.com/) and forums, especially looking for adult dating case studies. You can learn alot from such kind of posts. Additionally, on forums you can always ask for help and advice. When you will have an idea of what traffic source and tracking solution you will use, you can create an account in our dating affiliate program and start testing.

Will you help me become a successful affiliate?

No doubt! Your success is our goal. Our account managers will put all efforts to help you on each stage. You can be sure that your campaigns will be optimized on time, each detail will be counted, you will be offered with the best deal exactly for you.

Do I need a website to be an affiliate?

No, it's not a must. We accept different types of traffic, so you still can take advantage of working with us by for example buying traffic, emailing, or promoting our brands on Social Media or with any other available sources of traffic.

How long do you store the cookie on my visitors computer for?

The cookie is stored on the visitors computer for 30 days

How are your landing pages converting? Will you provide me with landing pages?

We have built-in prelanders in our optimiser for user's email capture. They are in rotation, but we can also provide you with a list of static prelanders you can choose from. We also have profile landing pages, which we can enable by request.

Do I need to spend money (e.g., PPC, paid advertising, etc) to make money with affiliate marketing?

Yes and no - as an affiliate doing media buy and sending that traffic towards different offers to make money you definitely have to. When starting, consider media buying more like data collection. Once you have your data, you'll be able to better optimize the offers you are sending traffic to (e.g which offer is generating you the highest EPC, etc) and what type of traffic converts best with particular offers. If however, you get your traffic through SEO, email, or any other way, it may be cheaper and cost time.

I want to refer you a potential affiliate - what is in it for me?

In our dating affiliate program, we have a 2-level referral system. That means if you refer an affiliate you will be getting 5% commission of his earnings. If this affiliate refers more you will be getting 1% commission of each sub referrals earnings.

What types of data can I access from your reporting?

Traffic Mansion is perfectly designed for affiliates' needs. We took into account every detail, you will see all the necessary data including clicks, sign-ups, sales, your earnings, we calculate for you several types of ratio, you can check and compare your campaigns from all angles, group by country, date, any period, source, etc... You can export reports to different formats. We are proud of Traffic Mansion intuitive design and we know you will appreciate it too.

I am on rev share model, just started but I see my epc is 0? Is everything set right?

On average, it can take up to 15 days for the user to upgrade on the site, and revenue to kick in, from the moment user came into our system and signed up on the website. This does not mean there is necessarily anything wrong with the setup.

How can I get your traffic?

You can currently purchase our traffic through Exo Click or through us directly. Please get in touch with email: advertisers@trafficmansion.com for any traffic inquiry questions / needs.